Skopje, the capital of Macedonia, is very convenient for cycling. The city lies in a valley but also has some high hills and mountains surrounding it. You can go from one side to the other without much sweat and if you want some hard-core action you have the mountains Vodno on the south and Skopska Crna Gora on the north to fulfill your adrenaline needs.

This video is shot on a middle-weight route through the northern parts of Skopje. I started at the municipality of Aerodrom, passed through the industrial areas on the edge of Avtokomanda neighborhood, climbed Zelezara hill, and from there I went down to the municipality of Butel. I continued up again to Radisani and had a break above the village. After a picturesque off-road adventure through the Radisani fields, I continued up to the villages of Pobozje and Kuceviste, the highest points of this route (588 m / 1932 ft.) From there begins the greatest pleasure of this trip – the long and fast downhill ride to Kuceviska Bara, and back to Butel again. Instead of going back to Aerodrom, I turned west towards Topaana and climbed Kale to enter the city center. Riding through Novo Maalo, under the railway station, I returned to Aerodrom, where we live.

The tour lasted about two and a half hours, with 38 km (23 mi) total and an altitude difference of about 350 m (1150 ft.) The time-lapse videos are shot with GoPro 7 Hero Black, using its powerful TimeWarp feature and its incredible stabilization. The camera was mounted to the bicycle handlebar, using only a common sticky tape. It shook a lot, but obviously, GoPro nailed it this time with their HyperSmooth stabilization feature.

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