Mountain biking might be one of the most exciting sports ever, but the effort you have to put into it is huge and requires a lot of practice and experience. In that matter, E-bikes change the game completely. They make mountain biking so much easier and accessible to adventure-seekers. You still get to put a good amount of physical effort to the task but far from being exhausting and demanding as regular cycling. The electric motor which helps you move fast is somehow responsive to your movements and the ride feels smooth and natural.

All photos by Maja Argakijeva

This January, on a beautiful sunny winter day, we tried e-biking for the first time in our lives. We climbed to the top of Vodno, by a route from the south side of the mountain. The experience was more than exciting – it was liberating. The feeling when you cross large uphill distances in a short time on a bicycle is quite unique. The downhill slide is adrenaline-pumping and thrilling, although it demands a bit more concentration. If you add the snow and muddy trails, the ride becomes a real adventure.

Unfortunately, mountain e-bikes are still a bit expensive, the better models starting from $2,000. Fortunately, in Macedonia, there is ‘E-Bike Tours Macedonia’, an agency that provides e-biking tours around the country. Dean Ivanovski, who kindly organized this trip, is a wonderful host, who will explain the basics and lead you through the whole process. He is also an excellent tour guide and can throw in interesting stories and facts about the places you’ll visit along. Aside from one-day tours in and around Skopje, ‘E-Bikes Tours Macedonia’ offers great several-day arrangements for e-biking throughout the entire country. You can contact Dean on their official website, or their Facebook page. If you want a glimpse at this awesome experience, check out this video we made from the tour.

Electric bicycles are rapidly growing in sales in the last 20 years. It is an eco-friendly way of transport and a great recreational vehicle. Some studies found that e-bikes might be even better than conventional bicycles. E-bike users in 7 European cities had 10% higher weekly energy expenditure that other cyclists because they cycled longer trips. It is even used in rehabilitation processes, especially with patients recovering from cardiac problems. Although the first electric bike was built in the late 19th century (US Patent office registered several e-bike patents from 1895 to 1899,) the mass production of e-bikes started a few decades ago. Hopefully, they will become more affordable in the years to come and replace some standard fuel-powered means of transportation in our everyday lives.