Mountain hiking and trekking are a great passion for us. Coming from Macedonia, we are lucky to have a huge choice of mountains to explore. This video is from our recent Easter trip to Jakupica mountain. We already published a post describing our three-day adventure of this marvelous place. Jakupica is one of the most popular destinations for mountain climbing, hiking, trekking, mountain biking, and similar mountain activities in Macedonia. Its highest peak, Solunska Glava (altitude of 2,540 m / 8,333 ft ) is among the top choices for mountaineers in Macedonia. We didn’t go all the way up but the tour we did is perfect for kids. They can walk for hours through the deep forests, the climb is not steep at all, and they’ll still get that feeling of getting somewhere far and mysterious. Nature is fascinating and these parts of the country are among the cleanest areas with no cities nearby, just a few villages and a lot of woods.

If you’re interested in the details of the tour, check out our post on this link. You’ll find useful information, tips, and lots of photos. The video below will bring you closer to this wonderful mountain and give you a first-hand peek at its beauties. Enjoy!