We are more than happy to present our first-ever vlog, the first part of a movie titled “Malta in Winter,” in which we take you to Popeye Village, one of the main tourist attractions on the island. The Family was in Malta for a whole week in January and we recorded footage and shot photos the entire seven days. We decided to divide them into five parts for the five locations we found most exciting and fun. Enjoy Popeye Village, visit our YouTube Channel and don’t forget to subscribe. More videos, photos, tips & tricks, and stories from Malta coming very soon!

FUN FACT: We bought our GoPro HERO7 Black especially for this trip, to shoot steady videos using its Hypersmooth stabilization (a great feature, by the way.) Funny thing is that we somehow turned off stabilization before we went to Malta and used the GoPro without it. Well, the camera is still here and next time we’ll be more careful… hopefully.

Malta in Winter, part two: Mdina