The river Dosnica runs from the high peaks of Kozuv mountain to the lowlands where it joins the much larger Vardar River in Macedonia. It is the clearest river in the country. There are naturally formed pools with warm water just before it enters the valley of Demir Kapija. It’s easy to get to the town of Demir Kapija, whether from Skopje or Thessaloniki. From there, you can reach the river by car but you’ll still have to walk to get to the actual pools.

There are four of them, three of which are relatively easy to get to. The fourth is not very far but you must walk through the woods and up the river to get there. The first pool is the largest but also the most crowded one. The second and the third are way more relaxed, although much smaller. If you want more privacy, you should walk up the river to get to the fourth pool and enjoy the untouched nature. Locals say that there are many more natural pools upstream, hidden within the old forest that grows along the river. but the terrain gets pretty rough, so we didn’t go looking for them. Instead, we spent most of our time by the fourth pool, swimming, diving, and sun-bathing. The last tip we’re going to give you is the advice we got from the locals – visit the pools between early June and late July before the algae start to grow.